What is it like to live in Alicante ?



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Sunset in Alicante ph:

Common question, which continues with a : because we are considering to come to live there ... Question proposed every day by so many of you.

How do you live here ? It depends on how you want to live. On what you like to do. On what you are looking for. For me, super bien.
I love the sea, I live 5 minutes walking from one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca.
I love summers and the mild winter weather. Here even in December I wear short sleeves.
I love staying outdoors. We spend ⅔ of our day outside. Children too, where even at school they spend at least 1 hour of the morning on the patio, winter too.
I love sports in general. And here I have nothing but to choose from. Water sports, at the beach, in the parks. All year round.
I love to party. The city is not huge, but its many venues of all kinds allow you dancing, have fun and cerveza, for all ages.
I would add, quiet city, manageable traffic, not too expensive life, smiling people, a few pizza places that make good pizza and you live super bien ! At least for what I am looking for !

Do you have any questions ? Ask me !


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