The reason why I write about



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Palms en Playa San Juan de Alicante

The reason why I write.

Because it was a choice that took my sleep, for months and months. For the head full of doubts and fears. For the desire to leave. For the courage that then came.

I write because going back I would do it again.

Below the interview from Francesca from the website where I tell a little bit about my experience

Tell us about yourself, who were you before you expatriated and how did the project of going to live abroad come about?

In Italy I live in a small inland village in the Marche region, few opportunities for work and leisure. Small villages, communities and mentalities firm in time, closed. Static and somewhat boring life. For many years I have dreamed of moving, at least for a while, to some European city.

What city in Spain did you move to and based on what criteria did you choose it?

Alicante, for me metropolis since there are more people in my urba than in the small village in Italy where I was living. Chosen for climate, quality of life, convenience of connections with Italy, people smiling.

What can you tell us about the post-pandemic Spanish job market? What are the sectors that are looking for workers?

I've only been here a few months so I can't give an opinion, I use the conditional, plus I'm looking for work at the moment too :) in the summer in tourism there should be work, especially Italian cooks and pizza makers. Activities related to beach\pools\gardens ditto. Cleaning cooperatives are constantly looking. There is a strong focus on sports and personal wellness, so professions in this area should be sought. Obviously there is a lot of competition everywhere.

Certainly, as all over the world, there is a shortage of plumbers ... I've been looking for one for 14 days :)

Lower salaries than ours, and living costs that are leveling off instead.

You moved with your children: how are they finding living in Alicante and have they adapted to the change?

The little ones have adapted wonderfully. The big one, 14, is struggling a bit more, also being a bit shy in character.

They play different sports, afternoons they go out with their friends to the urba park, some birthday parties and friends for dinner every weekend !

They miss their grandparents and Italian families, however we try to take them often to Italy especially these first months so that they do not miss too much the people they are attached to.

What rigmarole did you have to go through to enroll them in school?

The first months they attended a private one, I called in the afternoon and the next morning they were already in school :) Cost the right amount of money and they were followed very much and well.

The following year at the public, enrollment openings have to be waited for, and the required documents turned in.

With the big one we had difficulties due to an error in the system, phone calls and various rounds, however in the end everything was solved !

To find housing in Alicante, how did you go about it?

I turned to a very professional agency that proposed various solutions, helped me in the choice and also in the 'post' with the whole series of appointments for documents of all kinds that the Spanish bureaucracy requires !

It is not easy because guarantees must be offered, as in Italy for that matter, especially if you are looking for a solution that accepts animals !

Can you give some advice to other moms who would like to move, to help them take this big step?

Visit more areas, both in the summer and in the off season, get an idea of how and where, and prices. Begin early on to familiarize yourself and your children with the idiom, if you do not already know it. Talk to them about this choice and make plans with them; you cannot take them overnight without proposing it for a while. For them it is an important change, emphasize all the good things (there are many!) without hiding the difficulties, that children notice everything, but also without making it heavy.

If you have financial means but very little time, you might consider the option of having the various figures help with relocation.

Expect unforeseen events, put in half days doing all kinds of paperwork, and otherwise enjoy the city and its people !

As a last very short story my experience : we had been thinking about the change for a while already, we went on vacation in December to see how the children reacted and we tore up the return ticket ! From the vacation we stayed in Alicante !


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