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Reasons to play Golf



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Reasons and benefits of playing Golf. Concentration Relax and Fun. For everyone !

I always thought it was a boring sport and for old people, this morning I changed my mind.
With my little boy we went to the open day event at one of the best Golf Club in Alicante and we are welcomed by Juan, very kind and super helpful who explains hand position, feet position, body movements, all to be coordinated well.

The first attempts together with my son are many laughs !

the ball stays there and we hit air or ground !

Then little by little the mind figures out how to control the body and more and more times the ball flies ... 'ha salido ha salido' what a fiesta !

After half an hour we have to give way to the families after us. I would have stayed hours. As soon as we left I immediately realized how relaxing it is because you are forced to focus on that ball, on your body, and you don't think about the rest. Problems and breakups, you leave it all out. The mind disconnects. It's a meditation between blue sky, green grass and the birds singing as a soundtrack. A very fun meditation !

Googling I find that according to Swedish researchers at Karolinska Institut, playing golf would give as many as five more years of life. After this morning I can believe it !

Once again, long live Alicante, long live the sunshine that accompanies us for most of the year, long live the experiences it provides, long live the super friendly people who live here and the charge that this place gives me !


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